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[ OPEN ] Rest, Weary Soliders
[ maid ] gtfo!
Who: Watanuki Kimihiro and YOU!
When: During the event, any time your character stumbles into...
Where: One of the safehouses!
Rating: Uh, PG-13 I guess, if any of you guys come in with bad wounds and potty mouths :|
Summary: After seeing the event in his dreams, now at the safehouse, Watanuki will do whatever he can to help those in need! So, expect for him to Mother Hen any wounds you might have, force food into your hands, and basically mother you to... life?

Don't let the icon fool you, he's really caring, really!Collapse )

if i had one wish, i'd probably mess it up
[jim/dead] tears of pain
Characters: Luca Macken (wishgrant) and Armand (eternally17)
When: The night the fire starts, before Lestat finds Armand.
Rating: PG, for non-graphic character death of the very temporary kind.
Summary: Stealing is a survival instinct for kid's like Luca, and not one he's going to ignore if it means he and the others in Solve not starving after the chaos. But add friendship with a vampire and a lack of fear of dying, and we figure out that Luca is kind of dumb in a well-intentioned away. Good thing revival is only a few seconds right now.

at least he won't be traumatized or anything. he can go right back to stealing things.Collapse )

I deem that I with but a crumb
Characters: Cecilia the witch and her opponents
When: The entirety of Walpurgisnacht
Where: The entire Southeastern Quarter
Rating: R, for violence, character death, mentions of suicide, starvation, abuse, etc.
Summary: Adstring fights the unicorn witch

Our father, who art in heaven....Collapse )

HELENE - roaring with the wind
Characters: Chitose Yuma (Helene), Tsukino Usagi, Hino Rei, Mizuno Ami, Ten'oh Haruka, Dave Strider, Inuyasha, Negi Springfield, and Hawke Starfyr.
When: Beginning late on the night of 1/07 and going into the early morning of 1/08.
Where: The Northeastern quarter.
Rating: PG-13 for violence. (possibly higher; will edit later if needed.)
Summary: Aelia unleashed three witches into the city. Now, it's time to take one of them down.

I'm a slow dying flower, frost killing hour, the sweet turning sour and untouchable.Collapse )

It's in our nature to destroy ourselves
He was murdered by Voldemort
Characters: Regulus Black and Sirius Black
When: 1/08
Where: ...TBA
Rating: PG-15 for violence, possible character death and suicide, and bad language D8<.
Summary: Adstring starts raining fire. Regulus ferrets out of Severus' grasp and tries to find his brother. Because he just has to, okay? Not because he cares or anything.

it's in our nature to kill ourselvesCollapse )

Beware flying everything
Glance, Indescript, Looking over
Characters: Shizuo Heiwajima (kingshizuchan), Mukuro Rokudo (grandtheftbody) and YOU!
When: Various times from 1/07-1/09
Where: The entire city
Rating: PG-13 for violence, most likely? Also language.
Summary: When confronted with anything unpleasant, Shizuo's mind takes a hiatus as his body does what it pleases. This generally means fights and property damage. During a time when everything is on fire and three magical girls turned into temple bosses, Shizuo's like that mid-boss that gets in your way of the big key. Only, you probably don't want the things not on fire to get torn apart by this blonde guy.

So many things to throw on the ground. Like this, and this, and that and even this. I'm an ADULTCollapse )

a kick in the teeth is good for some
Characters: Sango (coraltaijiya) and Hinata (hyuugahime)
When: At some point forever ago because I suck at setting logs up on time.
Where: The dojo.
Rating: PG tops? Just some sparring!
Summary: Sango wanted to train with something more challenging than dummies but less dangerous than sparring. Hinata's clones were the perfect solution.

a kiss with a fist is better than noneCollapse )

With tightly coiled springs that snap for anything
Good things die all the time
Characters: Nathaniel (knew_anyway), Rei (marsfireignite), The Animus (adstring_npc), and later on, Bartimaeus (imakefootnotes)
When: Saturday, Jan 7th, morning
Where: An abandoned warehouse
Rating: R for character death, gore, lots of fire, and some general 'oh shit'
Summary: Nathaniel finally discovers the name of the Fire and summons it with Rei, in an attempt to make Adstringendum a better place to live. The Fire breaks free and proceeds to murder Nat and wreak havoc on Adstringendum.

We're gonna keep a lighter to it, even while it burns for youCollapse )

You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive ♫
Characters: Sora (licensedhero) and Demyx (cantevenfight)
When: January 5th.
Where: Somewhere in the safe zone - Where Demyx has been aimlessly wandering the streets.
Rated: I'll say PG for now? But there might be an itty bitty amount of violence.
Summary: WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT MURDERS~? Demyx and Sora have much to talk about.

It took me 15 minutes to figure out how cuts work.Collapse )
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The Workings of the Heart
Save This Soul
Characters: Sora licensedhero and Zexion amereillusion
When: Backdated to January 3rd
Where: The library
Rating: Gonna go with G. Maybe PG if they start fighting but I doubt that will happen.
Summary: Sora and Zexion meet in person to have a chat about how Nobodies can get their hearts back.

Are strange and complicated thingsCollapse )
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