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[Closed] I'm aT ThE PiZzA HuT
[tc] [Gamzee Makara ♑] Sliiime
always_both_me wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Gamzee Makara and Karkat Vantas
When: After this meeting
Where: In the junk yard
Rating: N-17 due to their offensive language.
Summary: You are Karkles, you are freaking out over having not heard from your best friend during and after the sky split open and rained down DEATH and DESTRUCTION. You go to investigate and succeed in finding him TRAPPED under a BATHTUB. Congratulations, now try and help him ESCAPE while finally being reunited.

Gamzee froze when he heard and felt Karkat shoulder barging the outside of the tub. Trying to be partly helpful, while taking heed of the grubby maggot that had taken refuge on his nose, Gamzee gave a righteous butt of his head against the inside of the dirty upturned tub. Covering his nose so that the little grub didn't fall off, it was then that one of his horns became stuck in the faucet.

"Aw shit! Its got me bro! Motherfuckers got me by the motherfucking horn!!"

In all of his panic and flailing around, Gamzee managed to lift the tub, if only for a moment, long enough to give Karkat a sneak peek of his unkempt best friend. It was ridiculous really, Gamzee was one of the strongest trolls from their little group, this tub must have been lodged in on the otherside somehow... that or he was weak for some reason? Lack of nourishment and a general unhealthy way of living for the past month.

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Well, wasn't this just the rankest shitstain to ever take a dump on the endless saga of Multiverse Vs. Karkat Vantas.

The fact that Gamzee was freaking out so badly did concern him, but at least it meant he was capable of speech--which was much better than the various, and colorful, alternatives he'd been imagining. Still, when the tub rocked upwards for a moment and Karkat got a glimpse of the troll underneath it, even bonier than usual--

He gritted his teeth and grabbed the end of the tub before it could settle back onto the ground, hands screaming in protest at the weight. Quickly, so as not to break his gogdamned fingers thank you very much, he dropped to one knee and used the other to help prop the tub up.

"Gamzee, stop flailing," he grunted, trying to make his voice as confident as he could under the circumstances. "Where is your horn caught?"

He wanted to flip the fucking deathtrap over before he worried about untangling horns from things, but he also didn't want to risk accidentally breaking the horn off.

It was like Gamzee was in some kind of dream bubble, when he say Karkat's face for a moment then in all the chaos. Sure, he's seen some of the other trolls from Alternia here too, but he'd only heard Karkat so far! This was a treat!

Despite Karkat trying to help and the panic Gamzee was fighting off, he reached out a hand and yanked the smaller troll under the tub with him. There wasn't much room in there and it was dark and smelt pretty bad too... Large clammy hands papped out feeling for his best motherfucking friend as he rattled his head and horns around a little more.

"Its so motherfucking dark in here bro... are you real? Or are you all up and in my pan... Whoa..." Squeezing Karkat's nose and almost poking him in the eye, still keeping a hand over his own nose to keep that grub safe and sound.

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