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fn_rebel wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Jet, Mai
When: Post-event.
Where: Queen Anne's Row.
Rating: PG. Might go up for Jet's psycho.
Summary: Jet managed to fight himself into unconsciousness with Mai as his caretaker, much to his distaste.

A groan escaped Jet’s lips as he regained consciousness. He didn’t remember what happened or know where he was, all he knew was that he wasn’t fighting and his limbs were sore. He felt weak again, and it only took him so long to figure out that he lost whatever battle he was in. There were so many, how could he be expected to keep track? His head throbbed as he eased himself up.

He figured he’d lost a good amount of blood, he remembered that, but how did he end up in his room, and why was his vision blurred? And that incessant throbbing was really starting to get to him. His eyes scanned the room, taking in its familiarity, looking for his swords. Of course they weren’t in sight, they were probably downstairs, at least he hoped they were. If they were left at the scene… His eyes got wide. How long had he been out? Where were Katara and Sokka? Were they safe? in the house?

It was around then that it hit him the pounding he was hearing wasn’t between his temples, it was his door. Groggily, he swung his legs over the bed, slowly making his way to the window to see for himself that whatever it was the Animus were pulling, it was over. And relief washed over with him, only it was mixed with worry. He wouldn’t be content until he knew everyone was okay, and he couldn’t make a clear thought with that knocking, which made him grit his teeth and approach the door, swinging it open. His annoyance vanishes, as he expected Katara and sees Mai standing in front of him.


“What’re you doing here?” There was some hostility there.

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Mai didn't move back when Jet leaned in. She didn't feel threatened, and clearly he wasn't on the attack like he was moments ago.

It was progress. If Mai could be thankful for anything pertaining to her upbringing, it was being able to recognize worthy bargaining chips when they were available. And what better was there for someone who hated the Fire Nation than the tyrannical daughter of the former Fire Lord?

"Are you sure?" Mai's voice was smug, kept at a low hum so no one would over-hear. "Wouldn't that make us sort of allies?"

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