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Adstringéndum Log Community

For the Adstringéndum RP

If there's something strange in your neighborhood
magicxmarker wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Hanna Cross and Violet
When: Wednesday, January 18th
Where: Violet's new place.
Rating: PG-PG-13 for possible language from either parties.
Summary: Violet has asked Hanna to check out her new crib for ghosties and to secure it with a rune or two. In the process he might get a little wild with a rune or two and zap Violet in the process...but those ones are only supposed to work on ghosts, right?

Who you gunna call?Collapse )

[Closed] I'm aT ThE PiZzA HuT
[tc] [Gamzee Makara ♑] Sliiime
always_both_me wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Gamzee Makara and Karkat Vantas
When: After this meeting
Where: In the junk yard
Rating: N-17 due to their offensive language.
Summary: You are Karkles, you are freaking out over having not heard from your best friend during and after the sky split open and rained down DEATH and DESTRUCTION. You go to investigate and succeed in finding him TRAPPED under a BATHTUB. Congratulations, now try and help him ESCAPE while finally being reunited.

Im aT ThE TaCo bElLCollapse )