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if i had one wish, i'd probably mess it up
[jim/dead] tears of pain
wishgrant wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Luca Macken (wishgrant) and Armand (eternally17)
When: The night the fire starts, before Lestat finds Armand.
Rating: PG, for non-graphic character death of the very temporary kind.
Summary: Stealing is a survival instinct for kid's like Luca, and not one he's going to ignore if it means he and the others in Solve not starving after the chaos. But add friendship with a vampire and a lack of fear of dying, and we figure out that Luca is kind of dumb in a well-intentioned away. Good thing revival is only a few seconds right now.

at least he won't be traumatized or anything. he can go right back to stealing things.Collapse )

[ OPEN ] Rest, Weary Soliders
[ maid ] gtfo!
dreamdecoder wrote in adstrngndumlog
Who: Watanuki Kimihiro and YOU!
When: During the event, any time your character stumbles into...
Where: One of the safehouses!
Rating: Uh, PG-13 I guess, if any of you guys come in with bad wounds and potty mouths :|
Summary: After seeing the event in his dreams, now at the safehouse, Watanuki will do whatever he can to help those in need! So, expect for him to Mother Hen any wounds you might have, force food into your hands, and basically mother you to... life?

Don't let the icon fool you, he's really caring, really!Collapse )


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