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The Workings of the Heart
Save This Soul
licensedhero wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Sora licensedhero and Zexion amereillusion
When: Backdated to January 3rd
Where: The library
Rating: Gonna go with G. Maybe PG if they start fighting but I doubt that will happen.
Summary: Sora and Zexion meet in person to have a chat about how Nobodies can get their hearts back.

Are strange and complicated thingsCollapse )
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You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive ♫
cantevenfight wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Sora (licensedhero) and Demyx (cantevenfight)
When: January 5th.
Where: Somewhere in the safe zone - Where Demyx has been aimlessly wandering the streets.
Rated: I'll say PG for now? But there might be an itty bitty amount of violence.
Summary: WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT MURDERS~? Demyx and Sora have much to talk about.

It took me 15 minutes to figure out how cuts work.Collapse )
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With tightly coiled springs that snap for anything
Good things die all the time
knew_anyway wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Nathaniel (knew_anyway), Rei (marsfireignite), The Animus (adstring_npc), and later on, Bartimaeus (imakefootnotes)
When: Saturday, Jan 7th, morning
Where: An abandoned warehouse
Rating: R for character death, gore, lots of fire, and some general 'oh shit'
Summary: Nathaniel finally discovers the name of the Fire and summons it with Rei, in an attempt to make Adstringendum a better place to live. The Fire breaks free and proceeds to murder Nat and wreak havoc on Adstringendum.

We're gonna keep a lighter to it, even while it burns for youCollapse )

a kick in the teeth is good for some
coraltaijiya wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Sango (coraltaijiya) and Hinata (hyuugahime)
When: At some point forever ago because I suck at setting logs up on time.
Where: The dojo.
Rating: PG tops? Just some sparring!
Summary: Sango wanted to train with something more challenging than dummies but less dangerous than sparring. Hinata's clones were the perfect solution.

a kiss with a fist is better than noneCollapse )


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