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Adstringéndum Log Community

For the Adstringéndum RP

08:52 pm: angle_on_it Beyond the Horizon, Across the Divide  9 comments
06:22 pm: jaded_curtiss And a chicken for every pot.  64 comments
12:46 am: 012420 Ninjas and penguins  39 comments
10:32 am: dreamdecoder He's Got, High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes~  7 comments
01:33 pm: licensedhero The Workings of the Heart  7 comments
04:03 pm: cantevenfight You hate your pulse because it thinks you're still alive ♫  10 comments
04:45 pm: knew_anyway With tightly coiled springs that snap for anything  22 comments
09:57 pm: coraltaijiya a kick in the teeth is good for some  16 comments
02:58 am: kingshizuchan Beware flying everything  28 comments
07:29 pm: the_noble_black It's in our nature to destroy ourselves  20 comments
08:08 pm: fallenapple CECILIA  104 comments
11:00 pm: moralitycat HELENE  25 comments
04:28 am: wishgrant if i had one wish, i'd probably mess it up  13 comments
03:57 pm: dreamdecoder [ OPEN ] Rest, Weary Soliders  67 comments
04:05 pm: stepford_smiles ADSTRING VS CANDELORO  40 comments
10:11 pm: fanismighter (no subject)  24 comments
03:58 pm: eightshoutpoles [log with Equius/open]  66 comments
04:35 pm: fn_rebel (no subject)  19 comments
01:14 pm: neverquitedies All the honey that's running is blood due  27 comments
08:04 pm: showchoirstar what can you do when your good isn't good enough  27 comments
11:29 am: equinerotica ~Everybody get up, it's time to slam now; we got a real jam goin' down; welcome to the feelings jam~  23 comments
10:15 pm: 7yearsofdrag (no subject)  7 comments
01:13 pm: magicxmarker If there's something strange in your neighborhood  33 comments
08:43 pm: always_both_me [Closed] I'm aT ThE PiZzA HuT  2 comments