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fn_rebel wrote in adstrngndumlog
Characters: Jet, Mai
When: Post-event.
Where: Queen Anne's Row.
Rating: PG. Might go up for Jet's psycho.
Summary: Jet managed to fight himself into unconsciousness with Mai as his caretaker, much to his distaste.

A groan escaped Jet’s lips as he regained consciousness. He didn’t remember what happened or know where he was, all he knew was that he wasn’t fighting and his limbs were sore. He felt weak again, and it only took him so long to figure out that he lost whatever battle he was in. There were so many, how could he be expected to keep track? His head throbbed as he eased himself up.

He figured he’d lost a good amount of blood, he remembered that, but how did he end up in his room, and why was his vision blurred? And that incessant throbbing was really starting to get to him. His eyes scanned the room, taking in its familiarity, looking for his swords. Of course they weren’t in sight, they were probably downstairs, at least he hoped they were. If they were left at the scene… His eyes got wide. How long had he been out? Where were Katara and Sokka? Were they safe? in the house?

It was around then that it hit him the pounding he was hearing wasn’t between his temples, it was his door. Groggily, he swung his legs over the bed, slowly making his way to the window to see for himself that whatever it was the Animus were pulling, it was over. And relief washed over with him, only it was mixed with worry. He wouldn’t be content until he knew everyone was okay, and he couldn’t make a clear thought with that knocking, which made him grit his teeth and approach the door, swinging it open. His annoyance vanishes, as he expected Katara and sees Mai standing in front of him.


“What’re you doing here?” There was some hostility there.

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"Does she know that?" The question seemed general enough. Jet didn't learn that he'd died until he got here, with the time change and all and if anything her response left him somewhat inrtigued. She'd already betrayed.

So what was a second time?

Pursing his lips, the freedom fighter did all he could to hide his pain. The longer he was awake, the more everything seemed to hurt. The simple movements made him cringe, and he mentally noted that the opposite arm may be broken. He didn't want to look at the damage, so he didn't. He did, however, look up when she held up the knife she would be using to cut the bandaging. In return to the gesture, he rolled his eyes, like he wasn't paranoid. Like he didn't give her a reason to make sure he knew what she was about to do.

"What happened? When you betrayed her?" Overall, his mood seemed to have mellowed. He wasn't tense or aggressive. His gaze was still locked with the ceiling and he looked pretty deep in thought, piecing something together.

Mai shrugged at the rolling of Jet's eyes, and proceeded to cut through the bandages. The blood had started crusting against his skin, but luckily the bandages weren't sticking.

"If she does, she's handling it a lot better than last time. But I doubt it. She's letting Ty Lee stay with her, after all." Mai took some damp cotton and lightly stroked it across Jet's arm to clean off the dried-over blood. Her movements were deft, not spending any more time than necessary over Jet's injuries. She knew he wanted this done quickly, and Mai was quick with her hands.

Mai didn't have to pause in order to remember how Azula responded when Mai turned against her. She wasn't keen on giving this actively loathing individual the scandalous details of her captivity, nor did she want any of this getting back to Azula before its time.

"What do you think?" Mai retorted. "After I thwarted her plan to kill her brother--who was with the Avatar at the time--" Mai felt the need to add that little detail as a side. "--she tried to strike at me. Ty Lee immobilized her."

Mai sighed through her nose and began to wrap up Jet's naked arm. "We were immediately thrown into prison." She kept her gaze lowered, but her amber eyes flickered up to Jet for a moment to make sure she wasn't hurting--and to gauge any reaction, not that she expected any. "Which, believe it or not, are far worse than the ones in Omashu or Ba Sing Se. I would know."

“Ty Lee’s living with her?” He didn’t know that bit, but remembered he wasn’t exactly around for Azula’s arrival. It was a thought he would push aside for now, maybe ask more about later. He couldn’t help but feel like he was opening old wounds, old fights, but he couldn’t stand not knowing or understanding. Or being prepared.

His fist clenched slightly in her lap as he couldn’t help but let his muscles tense. It aroused the pain, but it was a pain he would have to deal with if he wanted to get this over with. His teeth grit and his eyes closed. “Zuko?” He asked when he decided he could speak again. Of course it was Zuko, who else could it have been? And his curiosity was getting the better of him; he couldn’t hide that in the malicious smirk on his face.

His pain seemed to have left him, at least when she looked up to him, and he slowly eased himself to sit up across from her. Everything was throbbing, and it felt like he was losing more blood- or maybe his previous blood loss was just starting to kick in. “So you betrayed her, she locked you up and left you to rot, and now she doesn’t remember it.” Good job, Jet.

“So riddle me this, if there’s no prison in Adstring and she doesn’t have half the influence she had at home, what’s stopping you from putting her in her place now?”

Mai snorted a laugh. "The story didn't end there. She was eventually over-thrown. Without Ty Lee and myself there to back her up, she began to question herself." Not that Mai necessarily gave Azula any of the validation she so earnestly sought--Daddy issues, anyone?--but still, just having those warm bodies around her must've given Azula some false sense of security. "She lost her mind. It was easy to take her down, then."

She finished wrapping Jet's arm and slowly rested it back on the bed. She sat back in her chair, neatly folding her hands in her lap and looking straight at Jet.

There were many reasons Mai didn't aim to strike Azula the moment she arrived. Namely, Ty Lee's safety could be compromised. For all the peculiar company Mai kept, Ty Lee was the only one back home she could call a friend without blinking. She was loyal to a fault. Such loyalty was exemplified by her choice to stay with Azula. But Mai knew where Ty Lee's priorities were, so she didn't question it.

Mai's almond-shaped eyes narrowed pleasantly, her lips curling up to a smug smirk. "What, and take away all your fun?" Really, it had more to do with timing. And now wasn't right.

Let it not be said that Mai wasn't a sharing type.

“Huh.” Was all he said for a while. Any hostility he had just a few moments prior was gone, he was thinking. And that was never good. He was glad she showed up, Mai, and he was put in this situation. Not that he entirely trusted her, but for the chance that there may be truth behind those words. It was all plausible; it’d make everything add up.

He continued to stare, waiting for her to say more, maybe trying to see if she was lying. If she was nervous, or something was going on in her mind… Jet was a very gifted liar. He could usually tell when someone else was doing it, but Mai was good at letting her emotions remain unknown. His smile doesn’t falter, though.

“There’s plenty of fun to go around.” That said with a snort, and then he leaned in slightly, hushing his voice. “If you did anything, you wouldn’t be facing her alone.”

Mai didn't move back when Jet leaned in. She didn't feel threatened, and clearly he wasn't on the attack like he was moments ago.

It was progress. If Mai could be thankful for anything pertaining to her upbringing, it was being able to recognize worthy bargaining chips when they were available. And what better was there for someone who hated the Fire Nation than the tyrannical daughter of the former Fire Lord?

"Are you sure?" Mai's voice was smug, kept at a low hum so no one would over-hear. "Wouldn't that make us sort of allies?"

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